Beginnings are really important. They invite the question where do you want to end up and what is the best way to get there. We are now in the beginning of 2016 so how clear are you on how you want to end the year?

It’s valuable to engage your intelligence and imagination to know what you would like in all significant areas of your life. Give time to this process. Reflect, turn over possibilities in your mind and then write down your aspirations. Next consider the plan. How are you going to achieve these aspirations that are so close to your heart? You owe it to yourself to make a plan. Start by thinking how you need to think and behave to make those outcomes most likely. This takes some consideration. So for example, if you want to write a book what thinking and mindset do you need to adopt to make this project most likely to succeed and then what behaviour is needed to get the book written? Next give yourself realistic milestones for the year. Perhaps monthly goals. This reminds me of the question what is the best way to eat an elephant. Answer, one bite at a time! Once you have a plan in place, build commitment to your next step and then take that step. Enjoy the journey. It’s yours!

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