Now is the time to step up as a leader

With the arrival of Brexit and Donald Trump there is a need for us to step even more into personal and professional leadership. Perhaps, it’s never been more important knowing ourselves and reflecting on our values, principles and the vision we hold for our lives and the world we are part of.

There was a time when the political consensus held me like a very comfortable but soporific blanket. That luxury is no longer available. The consensus is being challenged with alternative, less attractive values. Now is an invitation to wake up to who we are at depth and to choose to become active leaders in our lives and the communities we are part of.

It’s a time to clarify and live from our chosen values and principles even more directly. To know what attracts and repels us. To know that what we choose to think and say, impacts the kind of world, businesses and families we would like to build.

The challenge I have set myself is to clarify and refine what I stand for, how I communicate and the core purpose that propels me.

I invite you to take a moment to reflect on what drives you and how you choose to live from that drive. Ask yourself whether there are new stands, new values, new principles that feel more appropriate and closer to the person you are?

I have been inspired in my recent studies with the life and leadership of Abraham Lincoln. He stood for clear values and principles applying them brilliantly.

We offer a training called the Lincoln Leadership Method. It is a deep dive in building leadership skills, learning from Lincoln’s style and applying those qualities as opportunities and challenges in building leadership capabilities.

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