We are Creators to the Core

We are Creators to the core. Inherent in every cell is the ability to manifest the new. Just like our cells, we manifest best when close to our true nature, clear on our purpose, whole and healthy. However, research shows, what is created, is generally most valuable when it has relevance and is often therefore close to the edges of something that already exists; just stretches the boundaries a little, or a lot, but never so far that it looses relevance to the structure, or system of which it is part, or there can be no ‘conversation’ between the two.

It is easy to be overwhelmed at New Year by the scope of our ambitions and dreams; so how would it be to say, “Today I’m going exploring at the edge, to see what’s growing there and what I want to make of it in just this moment. Tomorrow, I will look again, but, if I am consistent I can rest assured, that by year end I will have built a glorious bridge into my future”.

Imagine the vision you desire, that is important; make an agreement with yourself to be consistent, even in some small way, each day towards that dream. Then every day, go and play at the edges of possibility in the driftwood of what already is and ask yourself, what can I bring to this to develop it afresh, moulded together from the substance of my own experience and understanding, from my ideas and dreams? Because you are unique, when you add yourself into the mix, it becomes something new and if you have a specific purpose in mind, it can become something even better.

Whatever your field, that is a creative act.

I wish you every blessing for the coming year and hope it brings you closer and closer to your authentic nature – you can be sure that if it does, you will find yourself aligned and on purpose in your business and your Life.

by Jo Stone

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