Join one of our training courses and liberate your talent or the talent of the people around you. We will help you build vision, grow insight and create high value behavioural change.


“Matthew Stone has been instrumental in Common Industry’s success, and a transformational influence on my own practise as a leader.”Liam Fay Fright
CEO Common Industry

Our Liberating Talent Programme comprises three courses that can help you sculpt the person you choose to be, learn to support others to do the same and help create a company culture that unlocks talent.

Each course is designed to support people at differing levels of responsibility within the company; members of the wider team, managers and the leaders within the business.

Mining for Gold

Mining for Gold

Mining for Gold is a programme for anyone in your company to allow them to learn both the art and the science of getting the best from themselves.

The course is designed to help each participant:


  • Discover who they would like to grow into over time.
  • Clarify who they are at the moment in relation to that aspiration.
  • Develop the skills in traversing the gap between these two realities.
  • Become able and accountable for their own self-development.


Polishing Gold

Polishing Gold

Polishing Gold is a group-training programme for managers to learn to access the best from the people working for and around them.

The course is designed to help:


  • Envision the best in the people you are managing.
  • You communicate and elicit the best from your people.
  • Listen effectively.
  • Become a radically enabling ally in your colleagues’ development journey.
  • Help your team members create inspiring development plans.
  • Offer non-judgmental feedback to individuals working within or around your team.


Leading to Liberate

Leading to Liberate

Leading to Liberate is a group-training programme for the leaders in the business to create a culture that liberates talent and supports the fulfilment of the company’s core purpose.

The course is designed to help you:


  • Imagine and clarify your personal view of liberating leadership.
  • Clarify where you are currently in relation to your aspiration as a liberating leader.
  • Develop your plan to grow as a liberating leader.
  • Build the skills to develop through education, practice and self-awareness.
  • Learn to facilitate the best from the people around you.
  • Become cultural ambassadors by being excellent role models.



Do you wonder just how talented the people around you are and how best to access their talent?

Do you wish you had greater skill in managing your inner state so work could be more inspiring and fulfilling?

Do you feel the company you are part of could be a more liberating, fulfilling place to work?

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