We have supported many clients and their organisations to become successful in meeting their goals and fulfilling their visions. We can help you create lasting change in ways that are personally and organisationally transformative.

What Our Clients Say

  • “Matthew Stone has been instrumental in Common Industry’s success, and a transformational influence on my own practise as a leader.”

    Liam Fay Fright, CEO Common Industry

  • “Matthew is effective, smart and erudite. Thanks to his guidance, support and challenge, I was able to push further and deliver efficacy, while discovering my true potential as a senior leader. If I had the choice between going to business school and doing an MBA at an A Grade research institution or being coached my Matthew, I would choose Matthew every time.”

    John Holliday, MD Globelynx, PA Group

  • “Matthew’s combines insight and empathy with a direct, no-nonsense approach that focuses on practical outcomes. He’s my go-to coach, whether he’s helping with company strategy, inspiring teams or resolving tricky personal conflicts at work.”

    Tim Carter, MD Shiver, ITV

  • “We’ve worked with Matthew Stone for a number of years now, from our top leadership team, right through to new junior starters and the impact has been fantastic. Matthew has a deep understanding of individual personal development, and getting the best our of ourselves, as well as liberating others. With this passion he’s helped the whole HudsonBec Group nurture and improve our culture of development and learning in ways we could never have dreamt on our own.”

    Alex Bec, MD HudsonBec Group

  • “Working with Matthew is time – and money – well spent. Over the time I’ve worked with him he’s encouraged and cajoled in equal measure. He’s the critical friend every business needs – delivering an outsiders perspective and objectivity while taking care to get to know the inner-most workings of the business.
    Some times when you have a knotty problem or an issue that you’re avoiding you’ll come out of a session with Matthew with renewed vigour and pretty soon the business will be concluded. Some times when you need to be reminded to think big or think differently you’ll come out of a session with Matthew hell bent on making new plans and forging forward. Some times when you just need to take stock and make sure you are doing the right things for the business a session with Matthew will be just what you needed – even if you didn’t think you had anything to say before the meeting.
    Matthew can make you tackle difficult dynamics head on, he can help your team grow, he can be a referee when things get tricky on the shop-floor. And he can be all these things while being decent, human and utterly engaged. He’s not a therapist – so don’t expect anything too touchy feely – but he will get you doing the different thinking that could mean you don’t need one anyway.”

    Meredith Chambers, Managing Director, Electric Ray, Sony

  • “Powerful coaching and training that has challenged and supported individuals across the business to further the purpose and mission of the HudsonBec Group to achieve better results!”

    Will Hudson, Director, HudsonBec Group

  • “Working with Matthew has made starting our business a focused, energised and enjoyable undertaking. He’s helped us think clearly about every aspect of the business: from how our partnership could work best and what our short and long term ambitions for the company are, to who to hire and how to get the most out of our business relationships.
    There’s never been a meeting with Matthew that hasn’t improved the way we work, or given us a renewed energy and excitement about our company. Matthew is passionate about helping people optimise their own and the organisation’s potential. His enthusiasm is infectious and he’s a joy to work with.”

    Natasha Bondy, Creative Director, Little Gem Prodctions

  • “Matthew has been one of the most important people in my career. His clarity of thought and wisdom have been an inspiration to me and our company.”

    Andrew Mackenzie, Chief Creative Officer, Twofour Group, ITV

  • “Matthew’s arrival in the business was in no small part responsible for the double digit growth that’s been achieved over the past 3 years. HIs skills in bringing together a team with a clarity of vision and a sense of accountability are second to none.”

    Melanie Leach, CEO, Twofour Group, ITV

  • “Matthew Stone changed my life. Fact. He made me value my achievements, celebrate my talents, appreciate my position and focus on my development and future. From working with Matthew I got a clearer vision of the landscape I work in and gave me the courage to implement change. Everyone needs to be Matthew Stoned.”

    Marc Robinson, Managing Director, Globe, Universal Music

  • “Matthew Stone has made a huge difference to me. Wise, thoughtful and insightful, he listens and works with you to reach your goals. It has been a pleasure to work with him and I have recommended him to many people.”

    Emma Willis, Managing Director, Twenty Twenty

  • “Matthew has been a part of our team and business’s development for many years. His insight, fearless candour and positivity have helped us develop individually and as a leadership team. The impact of his work and continued involvement is felt across the whole business, and has ultimately helped us achieve a fantastic period of growth and performance.”

    Tom McDonnell, CEO Monterosa